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4 Ways High Blood Sugar Affects your Body

High blood glucose levels leave you vulnerable to many health conditions. From damaging blood vessels, heart disease to high cholesterol levels, it can shave off years from your life. A diet high on sugar and a sedentary lifestyle is to be blamed for this. You may not notice any difference in the beginning as the damage never happens overnight. Let’s take a look at the ways high blood sugar affects your body:

1. It affects your heart

High blood sugar levels in your body can cause coronary heart disease. When the sugar levels in your body are high, it increases your blood pressure. High blood glucose levels also increase your cholesterol level, and this increases your risk of heart attacks and cardiovascular disease. It also increases your risk of stroke. People who have diabetes develop heart disease early compared to people who do not have diabetes. Heart disease and stroke are two of the most common causes of death in people with diabetes. There are a number of medications for diabetes available in the market, but the best way to control diabetes is by using ayurvedic medicine for blood sugar.

2.  It affects your eyes

People with diabetes often suffer from an eye condition called diabetic retinopathy. This is an eye condition in which the blood vessels in the retina are affected. High sugar levels damage the can cause the blood vessels located in the retina to bleed, thus distorting your vision. When in an advanced stage, new abnormal blood vessels on the retina surface increase in number. This leads to loss of cells in the retina.

3. It damages your Pancreas

The pancreas is located in your abdomen just behind your stomach. The pancreas produces enzymes and hormones that help in the digestion process. It also produces hormones; among those is insulin, a hormone that regulates blood glucose levels. If your pancreas cannot produce enough insulin or cannot use it, then the glucose builds up in your bloodstream. As a result, your body cells are starved for energy.  If you have diabetes for more than five years, it can also increase your risk of pancreatic cancer.

4. It affects your Kidneys

When the blood glucose levels are high, it injures the small blood vessels in your body. It affects the blood vessels in your kidneys as well. As a result of this, your kidneys are not able to properly purify your blood. This causes your body to retain more salt and water than usual causing weight gain and swelling in the ankles. Waste materials will build up in your bloodstream.

Diabetes also damages the nerves in your body. As a result, it can be difficult for you to empty your bladder. The pressure from your full bladder can injure your kidneys. Moreover, if urine remains in your bladder for long, it can cause infection as bacteria in urine will start growing at a fast pace due to the high sugar level.

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