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4 Ways To Boost Your Immunity This Season

Each time seasons change, the body tries to balance and regulate its functions, therefore it’s no surprise that many people are plagued with common colds, respiratory problems, or lethargy. While most people attribute these “regular conditions” to temperature changes, rise in pollution, monsoon, etc. the truth is, the body won’t be affected by any of these external factors if the immunity is strong. Your immune system is your first line of defense against all kinds of pathogens, bacteria, and viruses, which is why it is imperative that it always remains strong. 

The immune system runs throughout the body and is comprised of tissues, protein, organs, and cells. It has memory, so when you have suffered from a disease once, it remembers and builds immunity to it. However, if your condition is recurring, it means your immunity is not strong. With our senses and bodies being constantly bombarded with all kinds of pollutants, chemicals, unhealthy foods, and stress, it is easier than ever to fall sick due to a weak immune system. However, all is not lost as cells and organs repair themselves quickly, so by taking the right measures, the immunity can be strengthened and health can be maintained. Here are some ways to always have boosted immunity.

1. Eat Organic

The food industry has us convinced that packaged foods contain nourishment. The fact is, nutrition comes wrapped in a green wrapper called a vegetable. No matter how much they try to convince you that the food they sell in supermarkets is safe, sugar free, healthy, don’t believe them because no food that can last as long as that comes without some secrets. Vegetables and fruits contain an entire universe of nutrients in them that are more than enough to build your body’s strength. Make a smoothie entirely out of greens like cabbage, broccoli, chili, cucumber, spinach, celery, etc. and have two glasses every day to watch your health replenish and your skin glow.

2. Get on the Yoga Mat

Exercise is really important to boost immunity. Especially Yoga. The breathing techniques used in yoga, help the body and mind to align greatly reducing stress. Stress is the primary cause of many diseases that seem to erupt without any specific reason. Reduction in anxiety and worry can itself reverse the effects of many conditions that may have manifested in your body over time. Breathing techniques like ‘Pranayam’, ‘Lion’s Breath’, ‘Skull Cleanser’, and “Anulom Vilom’ are amazing stress busting techniques. The lower your stress levels, the less likely you are to have a weak immune system which in turn means, protection from all kinds of diseases.

3. Have that Cuppa

But not of coffee, of herbal tea. There are several immunity boosting teas available in the market these days, however, we recommend you make your own at home. Not only is it more economical than spending copious amounts of money on fancy packaging, it is also good for the environment. You can make a concoction of clove, cardamom, fennel seeds (saunf), cinnamon, and black pepper by brewing them together in boiling water. Consume this tea in the morning or evening and you’ll never fall sick again. The reason behind this is the magic hiding in the ingredients; all the spices used in this tea are effective digestives, anti-inflammation agents, blood purifiers, and cleansing agents. 

4. Have a Supplement

To give your immunity one final boost, use a supplement like Immuno Med. We have formulated Immuno Med to specifically target weak areas of the body and strengthen them. At JMD Medico, we always use 100% natural herbs and spices to create supplements that will complete your body’s requirements. Immuno Med contains Giloy, Mulethi, Cinnamon, Amla and other gifts of nature that will ensure your body’s immunity is maintained at optimum levels.

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