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6 Things to Avoid Eating in Summers

Hoorah!  Summer’s come! But wait, what about the heat? Summer in India is unlike in any other countries (except the Middle East and Africa). While you might be excited to wear your summer dresses, savour on some popsicles and go out for a picnic, it is very important to stay healthy as you can frequently get ill during summer.

So, considering the heat and humidity, it is very important to eat right. Here are the 7 things to avoid eating in summers.

1. Spicy foods

One of the biggest challenges you must face during summers is controlling your cravings for spicy foods. Spicy foods are responsible for casting a thermogenic effect on the body. Spices such as cinnamon, cumin seeds, ginger and chilli heat up the body as they boost the metabolism rate.

2. Non-vegetarian foods

While it’s nearly impossible to avoid non-veg items, at least try to reduce your intake during summer. Non-vegetarian food items such as eggs, red meat, crab, squid, and prawn have a high amount of protein and are responsible for generating excessive heat in the body.
Excessive consumption of non-vegetarian items during hot summer days can make your stomach upset, and you may require to seek medical assistance.

3. Oily and junk foods

To stay healthy in summer, you must stay away from oily and junk foods. Junk foods such as french fries, pizzas and burgers contain a high amount of fat and cholesterol. This, in turn, increases the chances of food poisoning.

4. Dairy products

Although dairy products like milk, cheese, and yoghurt are said to be healthy foods, they are certainly not right for you during the summer season. Dairy products have a high-fat content and can trigger several health complications such as poor liver function, gas and bloating, and acidity.

5. Ice creams and cold drinks

If you are on a notion that eating ice creams and guzzling cold drinks will keep you cool during summer, then you are wrong. Cold drinks and ice creams are body-warming foods. These foods can heat up your body and trigger unwanted illness.

6. Dried fruits

Dried fruits are extremely healthy, but they can be dreadful for you during the hot summer days. Dried fruits generate a lot of heat in the body, so, it’s better to avoid or limit your intake of dried fruits.

Stay healthy

To stay healthy to the fullest during summer, seek for ayurvedic remedies as they can cure all sort of illness caused by foods. Check out some of the ayurvedic products at

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