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Adarsh Purohit


Most people have the desire to achieve something big in their lives. They wish to accomplish their dreams and reach the heights of success. However, very few of them are determined enough to go till the end and turn their dreams into reality. Mr Adarsh Purohit is one of those few people who dream big and are fuelled by the determination to achieve their dreams.

An accomplished businessman, Mr Adarsh Purohit has been into business for the past five years and during these five years he has played an instrumental role in bringing technological as well as managerial excellence in the operations of the company. Adarsh evinces keen interest in all the corporate affairs of the company and plays a pivotal part in all the key policy making decisions. A keen observer with an analytical mind, he spearheads the branding, communications, and marketing, which he has identified as a thrust area for the company.

Mr Adarsh Purohit has completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce (Honours) from The Bhawanipur Education Society, Kolkata. After that, he has completed his Post Graduation Diploma in Management in Marketing and Finance from Entrepreneurship & Management Process International (EMPI), New Delhi. He has also completed Post Graduation in Family Managed Business (PGFMB) from S.P. Jain Institute of Management and Research, Mumbai.
Running a successful business takes great problem-solving skills. And in these five years, Mr Adarsh Purohit has proved that he is indeed a great problem-solver and an effective manager. He has a tactful approach toward handling difficult situations. And this is one of the reasons why he has successfully resolved challenges that could have hampered the business processes and operations. He believes in staying up-to-date of the latest developments in the business world and has a keen eye for technology. He believes that to stay ahead in the race and to stay competitive, one needs to focus more on being innovative.

Mr Adarsh Purohit has taken up great responsibility at a very early age. He is constantly contributing innovative ideas and is taking great efforts in leading the company towards the fulfilment of its vision which is driven by the purpose of serving the people in the best possible way. Mr Purohit has a dynamic approach to the operations of the company and has a positive attitude even when faced with adversities. Being a great communicator, Mr Adarsh Purohit has excellent interpersonal skills which are a great asset for any businessman or entrepreneur. Despite all, Mr Purohit believes in staying grounded, and his generosity instantly makes him a favourite among the people. Driven by a passion for work, Mr Adarsh Purohit is tremendously focused. In his free time, he loves to read books and is passionate about cars.

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