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Anti-pollution cream for sensitive and dry skin

Anti-pollution cream for sensitive and dry skin

Anti-pollution creams are making a name in the market. In the past few years several companies have divulged in the market of anti-pollution range of products. Creams, face washes, body washes, serums and even shampoos are available for the same purposes. Here we are only talking about creams of this range and their benefits.

To discuss about anti-pollution creams first we must understand what anti-pollution means. Anti-pollution means ‘any way or shape or form which directly or indirectly helps the environment or reduces pollution. But in our case anti-pollution refers to any way in which we can save or help or protect the skin from ill effects of pollution. We all know that pollution can make us ill, or worse can kill you. Research for anti-pollution products has soared higher than before, almost like 76% increase. It is also believed that anti-pollution skincare products will become as common as sun protection creams.

Pollution is not a problem only faced by city dwellers, but residents of rural areas also face this issue. The levels may vary though as the degree of exposure to pollution is more in city than in villages. But this does not mean that villagers and small-town residents need not worry about the harmful effects of pollution. Pollution is omnipresent. Thus, the need for anti-pollution range of products. Ever since we were children, we have always stepped out of the house with our face uncovered. As pollution levels reach to dangerous levels it has become mandate to cover our face and even hair if we want to protect it from the damage. Pollution causes dullness of skin, appearance of dark spots, premature aging, acne, fine lines and wrinkles are some of the many problems. Therefore, it is required to use products specially formulated keeping these factors in mind. Cosmetic and derma companies have finally understood these problems and to take extra care of their consumers have launched anti-pollution repair creams. These creams enter the deeper layers of the epidermis and repair the damage done by daily exposure to pollution. These creams are no more luxury items but have emerged as necessities for the general public, one and all.

 The pollutants (harmful particles present in the air) enter the skin pores and block them thereby increasing the chances of dark spots and acne. Pollutants not only cause these superficial problems, but major skin diseases are also gift of these nanoparticles present in the air. Nanoparticles are so minute that they do not even get blocked inside the pores but seep inside and then cause more harm to the entire body. Consequently, we all should use best anti-pollution creams for our overall health and not just our epidermal health. Often people wonder what anti-pollution skincare is. Well, it’s not some rocket science but simply a combination of the same old scrubbing, cleansing, toning and moisturising. The only thing that has changed in this is the availability of specially curated anti-pollution skincare products. These creams can work for dry and sensitive skin. It is not that those with oily skin do not face any problem at all. Even they have their own set of troubles. With an excess of oil secretion there is a lot of oil build up on the face which then attracts all sorts of dust and other pollutants. This then harms the facial skin. In order to protect our skin, we have to use these anti-pollution day creams.

How do anti-pollution creams work?

This question must be coming to your mind all the time, since this is a very new entrée in the field of skincare. Not much is known to people when it comes to anti-pollution skincare. The answer lies in the fact that these creams and products form a protective film over the skin, which prevents pollution particulate to penetrating or attaching themselves to the skin. They also reduce the signs of inflammation or stress on the skin, using antioxidants, or restore the skin barrier. Several times we feel discomfort in our eyes due to pollution in the air. A burning sensation, itchiness and pain are all side effects of pollution. There is solution for this problem as well. Anti-pollution undereye creams are also available, which when applied around the eyes provide a sigh of relief to the consumers.

What do you do when you have to go to a party and do not want to apply a lot of make up? Before the arrival of these life saving options, this could have been a huge hassle for anyone. With the attainability of anti-pollution bb cream, you do not have to worry about doing a proper base for your make up. These anti-pollution creams are developed in such a manner that they can be used as a make up base as well. Thus, one more problem solved. The search for best anti-pollution face cream for India is on the rise. Pollution has reached to alarming levels in India. Many cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Mumbai and other cities have so many harmful pollutants in the air.

With so many problems that are already present it is necessary to incorporate these anti-pollution range of products in your everyday regime. It is the need of the hour. These anti-pollution creams provide proper moisture as well to the skin which many other well-known brands may not be able to provide. There’s no doubt that anti-pollution skincare works. These products have come in the market to stay and are going to be here for a very long time.

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