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Are you suffering from oily skin?

Oily skin can be troubling for all, as you cannot get rid of the excess oil from your face. The more you try to get rid of the more oil you find in your face. Over time people get fed up and do nothing for their oily face and as a result their face shines with excess oil build up. Worry no more! There are several things that you can do to get rid of that build up of oil on your face.

The shortest and easiest way of getting rid of oily skin is face wash for oily skin. Many face washes are available in the market. Depending on your skin type you are supposed to get one for yourself. Sebaceous glands located within the skin are responsible for secretion of sebum. This liquid is needed by everyone in limited quantity to keep the skin supple and moisturised. However, over secretion of sebum can give you a glossy and sticky face prone to imperfections. It is important to understand your skin type as it will help you in deciding the types of products you are suppose to use on your facial skin.

Often people tend to have oily areas around their noses and forehead while the cheeks and rest of the face remains flaky and dry. This type of skin is categorized as combination skin. Combination skin can be problematic at times as not one type of product can suit the face in such case. Face wash for oily skin in India is of prime importance as Indians tend to have oily skin. Large majority of Indian population have oily skin; hence we see the vast sale of anti-acne face washes as oily skin results in lots of acne. What are the causes of oily skin? Well, there could be several factors that could come into play when concerned about the same. Hormones, genetics, lifestyle and environment can affect sebum production.  If you identify these causes you can control your sebum production. Thus, controlling oiliness of your facial skin.

Genetics is the leading attribute when it comes to amount of sebum production. Having large sebaceous glands that produce large amounts of oil is hereditary attribute passed from one generation to the next. Not only women but even men suffer from over secretion of sebum. Hence the need for face wash for oily skin men. Reports have also shown that facial pore size depends on ethnic groups as well. Asian people tend to have small pores on their faces whereas Africans and Americans have larger facial pores resulting in over secretion of oil.

Oily skin and hormones go hand in hand. Hormones effect oil production, so oily skin may be caused or worsened by hormonal imbalances. Over production of facial oil leads to pimples. In order to get rid of these pimples one has to use face wash for oily skin and pimples.

Daily habits and lifestyle choices can greatly affect your skin in several ways, impacting the health of your skin. foods high in sugar, saturated fats and carbohydrates may lead to over production of sebum. Causing a steep insulin spike, these foods increase the production of skin oils and contribute to the clogging of follicles, which can worsen skin complexion. These foods can also raise body’s androgen levels, which induces fluctuation in body’s hormones. When you have an imbalance in hormones you tend to have acne and breakouts. Therefore, the need for face wash for oily skin and acne arises all the more.

During puberty when hormone levels are fluctuating all the more the sebaceous glands become all the more active. Over activeness of sebaceous glands can lead to over production of oil on the face and thus give adolescents major pimples and acne issues. Face wash for oily skin for girls are effective in getting rid of that excess sebum build up.

Skin oiliness can vary depending upon the time of the year or the weather, due to fluctuations in heat and humidity. This explains why in spring and summer, some people may be particularly prone to oily skin and notice larger pores and shiny complexion. Winters tend to make your skin dry. Sebum builds up results in blackheads on your nose area. In similar cases face wash for oily skin and black heads helps you to get rid of them.

Pregnancy can also have several circumstances on your body. During pregnancy the body’s hormone secretion changes and keeps changing for the entire 9 months. Many ladies find it extremely difficult to control that excess oiliness on the face. It can be frustrating at times. During the first two trimesters androgen secretion is all the more. At this point face wash for oily skin during pregnancy can be of great help to such ladies.

Exfoliating the face on a regular basis can provide you with some relief from oily and sticky face. You have to be sure that you are using a gentle exfoliator with minute granules, so that you don’t scar your facial skin. When you exfoliate your skin once a week or once in 15 days then you can remove the dead skin cells from your face and reveal the underlying fresh skin. Take care in exfoliating your face, as excess of exfoliation can trick the skin into secreting more oil from the sebaceous glands. You can use mild exfoliating face wash for oily skin.

Some of you cannot try to get rid of excess oil build up. Excessive oiliness can be problematic for many. The more you try to get rid of that oil build up on your face the more you get it. Do not overdo anything as it can have adverse effects.  In such cases you can use gentle face wash for oily skin. It can give you good results. Try all these kinds of face washes and see if you find a good one for your type of skin.

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