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Why Buying Fake Ayurvedic Products are Harmful

You need to buy an ayurvedic product of a certain brand but in the market, someone suggests you for using a similar product at a much cheaper price. You realise that the product might be fake but you are getting a great bargain, so that’s not an issue, right? It’s absolutely wrong! While there are many companies selling fake ayurvedic products at a much cheaper price but there are plenty of reasons to avoid such counterfeit products. Take a look:

1. They do not undergo checking

The company selling fake ayurvedic product usually do not undergo strict quality control measures and rigorous safety testing. This means the products are not checked for whether they are suitable for human use or not. This exposes you to dangers of health complications.

2. Fake ayurvedic products contain Harmful Toxins

Often toxins such as mercury, arsenic, lead, and cyanide are found in counterfeit products. This is because such products are manufactured using chemicals and under unhygienic conditions. The levels of toxicity sometimes are so high that it might cause allergic reactions and other long term health complications. That’s why always buy products from authentic brands such as JMD Medico.

3. They may worsen your conditions

Generally, people use ayurvedic products for treating certain health conditions and relieving the symptom. However, whenever you are using fake ayurvedic products, chances are high that it will worsen your condition. You may keep on consuming the fake products in the belief that it will treat your condition but you won’t get any results. This is because fake products do not contain genuine ingredients that address the specific health issue. Instead, the harmful toxins and chemicals may worsen your condition and cause severe complications.

4.  It might cause Lead Poisoning

Fake ayurvedic products often contain lead. If you keep on taking the fake product for months and years, the lead can build up in your system causing lead poisoning. In adults, lead poisoning may result in pain in muscle and joint, memory loss, and other health issues. If you are pregnant, then you are at risk of miscarriage or premature birth.

5. You are exposed to Bacterial Contamination

The fake ayurvedic products are not manufactured under the same conditions as the original product. Also, the same standards are not maintained. Often, the fake products are made in basements or small factories that are dingy and in filthy conditions. In such cases, all products are exposed to the risk of bacterial contamination. Moreover, the workers who are handling the products use their unwashed hands to handle the products.

6. Arsenic contamination

Fake ayurvedic products may even contain arsenic. This is an extremely toxic element and if you continue to have the fake products for long then it might cause abdominal pain and even death. In case you are using fake ayurvedic skin care products, then it may also result in rashes and allergic reactions all over your skin.

Precaution is the best way to stay safe and healthy. We hope you found these points informative.

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