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Diabetes treatment in Ayurveda

Diabetes treatment in Ayurveda

Diabetes is a disease that affects how our body uses blood sugar. Mainly, there are two types of diabetes- type1 and type 2. There are also some cases of pre-natal or gestational diabetes. The diabetes symptoms vary on how much blood sugar is elevated in the body. Diabetes is a disease that occurs when your blood glucose, also known as blood sugar, is too high. The best ayurvedic treatment for diabetes is in natural remedies in our daily lives. Yes, these natural herbs can help in lowering of and managing your blood sugar levels. There is no hard and fast treatment for diabetes in allopathy except for tablets and insulin injections. Ayurvedic practitioners go for lifestyle changes as well dietary changes in the person’s life suffering from diabetes.

Simple natural remedies prescribed to keep diabetes in control are:

To lower blood sugar levels, one can prepare a mixture of one part of Guduchi, Shardunika and Kutki and two parts Punarnava. This mixture should be taken twice or thrice daily with warm water. If you take this mixture daily you can lower your blood sugar level.

Aggravated Kapha is a result of diabetes. In order to balance the three doshas one must have kapha pacifying foods that includes fruits, vegetables and herbs that are bitter. One must also avoid having processed foods, excess sugar, carbohydrates and full fat dairy products. Ayurvedic tablets for complicated diabetes are also included along with restricted diet.

Turmeric contains a component called curcumin. Curcumin lowers blood glucose levels and controls other complications associated with diabetes. If you take turmeric daily before meals, you can treat and prevent diabetes. One can also take half a teaspoon of turmeric along with same amount of bay leaf in aloe vera and have the mixture twice a day before lunch and dinner. Natural remedies for diabetes have been used for ages and given excellent results.

Ginger tea is a natural way to control blood sugar levels while also stabilizing excessive kapha in the body. Ginger is found in some of the best ayurvedic tablets for diabetes.

Bitter gourd has a compound similar to insulin. As a matter of fact, ‘karela’ and ‘diabetes’ have been coined together for a long time. The efficacy of bitter gourd in preventing and treating diabetes is known among many Indian households. Take at least one teaspoon of bitter gourd juice in the morning for reduced sugar levels in the body. Bitter gourd extract is found in many ayurvedic syrups for diabetes.

Bael is known to lower blood sugar levels. If you are a diabetic or a prediabetic the entire holy basil plant is found effective in controlling high blood sugar levels. Neem leaves are rich in antioxidants, flavonoids, triterpenoid, anti-viral compounds, glycosides, etc. which help in managing blood glucose levels. Drink water brewed with bael leaves, basil leaves and neem leaves on an empty stomach in the morning to lower the blood sugar level. This can be an efficacious medicine for a diabetic person.

We have already read about turmeric and its component curcumin. Fenugreek and white pepper also have an important role to play when it comes to controlling diabetes. Mix and grind seeds of fenugreek (methi dana), turmeric and white pepper to a fine powder. Take a spoonful of this powder with a glass of milk twice everyday. This mixture is surely going to lower your blood sugar levels.

Drinking water stored in a copper vessel overnight helps in balancing all the three Doshas.

These natural medical concoctions though may not treat diabetes completely, but certainly provide relief against aggravated symptoms and deteriorating health problems stemming from diabetes. Ayurvedic medicines for diabetes complications are made with an aim to control these aggravating symptoms. Necessary changes in lifestyle and dietary patterns also help to check the disease. Besides, diabetic patient must avoid sugar intake and avoid eating fruits, grains, vegetables with high sugar content.

The person suffering from diabetes mellitus should avoid a sedentary lifestyle, or take a nap after lunch. Moreover, diabetic patient should prefer eating freshly harvested grains and avoid all food items containing sugar. Refrain from eating seafood. Smoking and drinking aggravate the symptoms of the disease. Never resist the urge to go the toilet. Is ayurvedic medicine good for diabetes? Ayurvedic medicine is not only good for diabetes it is for the betterment of the individual person’s entire body.

Exercising regularly helps control your weight and blood sugar levels. Besides a daily dose of light exercise can prevent the development of diabetes in people afflicted with pre-diabetes conditions.

Doctor recommends the following kinds of exercises to control both type1 and type 2 diabetes.

  • Walking
  • Cycling
  • Swimming
  • Yoga
  • Aerobics
  • Resistance band exercises
  • Pilates

Regular exercising is good for both diabetic and non- diabetic person. But people with type 2 diabetes should exercise to keep their blood glucose levels in check.

The idea is to follow a natural and holistic lifestyle that controls blood sugar levels, thus preventing and treating diabetes. Embracing Ayurveda’s holistic lifestyle approach is the first step to combatting the pervasiveness of diabetes and related health problems.

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