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Dr. Kallol Bhattacharya

Head Researcher

Dr. Kallol Bhattacherjee, the Director-R&D of the company, is a stalwart in the field of medicine and Ayurveda, with a vision to “assist JMD medico with thorough and continuous Research and Development. This will ensure quality and updated products. JMD medico is looking to make its portfolio of products diversified and be a remedy or an answer to all health-related problems in an organic way.”

He is a science graduate with Distinction from Calcutta University, holds a diploma in Pharmacology, and has obtained Post-graduation from the Open International University in general Medicine & Natural Medicine. His core areas of expertise include medical science, gynecology, infertility, ayurvedic remedies, etc.

Dr.Bhattacherjee started his career as a clinical research fellow in the field of gynecology, infertility & hormone assays from R.G. Kar Medical College & Hospital, Kolkata. He has extensive experience and well-recognized contributions in the areas of medicine and Ayurveda. In his long tenure of research work, he has developed medicine for infertility, liver disorder, and diabetes which are well accepted in the field and have earned him many accolades. Over the years, Dr. Kallol Bhattacherjee had served various companies & institutions like Unimed drugs Pvt. Ltd., as a technical director in Wesben Pharmaceutical Pvt. Ltd., as Managing Director in Kothari Medical Research Institution headed by G.I.S. International Ltd.

He used to look after drug registration and export of medicine to Russia, Bangladesh & various European countries.

Dr. Bhattacherjee had been in the top position of many large industries for more than 25 years, well versed with intricacies of modern & ayurvedic industries, production, research, and development management.

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