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Expert Recommendations on Blood Purification

Expert Recommendations on Blood Purification

Ayurveda considers toxins as one of the primary causes that lead to chronic diseases. Opting for a detox regime would help in releasing toxins from the system.

Ayurvedic Blood Purifiers can clear out toxins from the body. They can be one great way of flushing toxins from the body. How will you know when to cleanse your body?

The human body gives us certain signs. It is on us how we recognise these symptoms. Sluggish digestion? Skin lacking lustre? Feeling bloated, dull and lethargic? When you see these signs, you can understand that your body needs detox.

In Ayurveda, cleanses are recommended from time to time to help your body clear Ama. This helps you to feel light, bright and clear. Experts always believe that blood the vital liquid should be cleansed.

Certain food items if included in your daily diet can help get rid of toxins from the blood. Toxins get accumulated in the blood every single day from the daily dose of junk foods, pollution and stress.

The human lungs play pivotal role in the purification of blood. Pure oxygenated blood goes from the heart to the entire body. Thus, it is very important to eat foods that help in detoxification of blood.

We have already discussed about the food items that help in blood purification. We will discuss about the ayurvedic ways which can help in the detoxification.

The two ways are:

  1. Self-detox
  2. Panchakarma

Panchakarma is an in-depth, spa cleansing program supervised by ayurvedic experts. We will be discussing about the former one.

Why is ayurvedic cleansing necessary?

The purpose of any ayurvedic detox is to get rid of Ama from the body. What is Ama? Ama is the by-product of incomplete digestion. Sticky, white and foul smelling, it forms in the digestive tract.

This happens because the food is not digested properly. If you leave it unchecked it can travel from your digestive tract to a weak area elsewhere in the body. There this Ama settles and creates new problems, and disrupts the flow of nutrients to that area.

You can do ayurvedic detox all throughout the year, but spring is especially a good time. In spring the body starts casting of the impurities accumulated throughout the year.


Every ayurvedic cleansing program consists of three steps:

  1. Preparation
  2. Cleansing
  3. Post-cleansing


Preparation is an essential part of any ayurvedic detox program. Before starting any kind of detox program at home, it is better to consult your medical adviser.

Before starting any detox program, you have to balance your Agni by following a basic detox diet. By Agni we mean the digestive fire. One should avoid eating Ama inducing foods such as left overs and non-fresh foods. You should avoid having packed, canned or frozen foods.

Ama reducing foods like, fruits, vegetables are good. Fresh flat breads, fresh soups, dhals, organic vegetables cooked with spices and fresh grains are ideal. One should avoid heavy dairy products like cheese and yogurt. Lassi is good for the stomach though.

Another way of cleansing the body is having warm water. Warm water flushes out toxins from the body.

The second step in self-detox is intake of herbs that purify blood naturally. We have discussed about the various herbs required for blood purification in our previous blog.

The third and final step in the self-detox process is the post-Detox care. After you are done with your 45 days of detox or cleanse, you should feel much lighter, blissful and more energetic. Sometimes you might lose some extra pounds.

Give yourself time to gradually transition into your normal routine and eating habits. Take time to add heavier foods to your diet, and be sure to get enough rest for a few days after the detox is over.

It is important to know that detox should always be soothing and nurturing. It should never be drying or aggravating to the doshas. If you are doing any detox that that makes you feel drained or exhausted you should not continue it.

Prevention is the key in Ayurveda. It is important that you do not let toxins accumulate and build up in your body.

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