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1) Where can I buy JMD Medico Products ? One can buy JMD Medico Products on,. The products are also available on Flikart and Snapdeal. One can also buy the products at the nearest Ayurvedic/ Medical store in Mumbai and Thane, Kolkata, and North East India as of now. 2) How old is this company? JMD Medico services Ltd., is a division of JMD Ventures Ltd., JMD Ventures Ltd. was incorporated in the year 2000 as JMD Telefilms Ltd. JMD Medico Services was established in April, 2015. 3) Are all the card details provided secure? All the cards details are totally safe. The Site incorporates appropriate safeguards to protect the security, integrity, completeness, accuracy and privacy of the personal information we have collected, and we have put in place reasonable precautions to protect information from loss, misuse and alteration. Our security and privacy policies are periodically reviewed and enhanced as required and only authorized individuals have access to the information you provide us. Although we take appropriate measures to safeguard against unauthorized disclosures of information, we cannot assure you that personally identifiable information that we collect will never be disclosed in a manner that is inconsistent with this Privacy Policy. 4) Where can I get information on the ingredient of the product? The details about the product is all mentioned on the packaging of the product and on the product itself. However for more information one could email us at [email protected] or call the helpline no. at +91-7506886666 5) How can I track my order? Once the order is dispatched the tracking number of the shipment will be emailed to the customer along with the link to the website. Customer could also get in touch with our team at +91-7506886666 6) Does company sell offline and does it sell all the products offline or only some products? Yes, JMD Medico Services Ltd. sells its products offline as well through a channel of stockist, distributors and retailers. Currently we are selling in Eastern and North Eastern India and also Mumbai and Thane. But we do take orders from all over India online as well as for offline and will get the orders shipped as per the requirements. 7) Does JMD medico have all the licenses and trademarks? Yes, JMD Medico has all the licenses and we have applied for all the trademarks as applicable. JMD Medico is associated with WHO-GMP, ISO 9001:2015, HACCP ( Hazard analysis and critical control points). 8) Does JMD Medico Products have side effects? No, JMD Medico products do not have any side effect. They are 100% herbal product. 9) How does JMD Medico ensure the quality of its products? All the raw materials used are organic and the final product goes through a thorough quality check. For the same reason, the Government of India has granted us the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) license. A GMP is a system for ensuring that products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards. It is designed to minimize the risks involved in any pharmaceutical production that cannot be eliminated through testing the final product. 10) What are OTC products and ethical products? OTC is Over-the-counter products that can be sold without the doctor’s prescription. It can be sold in general stores as well. They are safe and effective when you follow the directions on the label and as directed by your physician. Ethical products are those which can be sold only when the doctor prescribes them. However, most Ayurvedic medicines can be consumed without the doctor’s prescription as they do not have side effects. But one must consult a physician before taking oral ayurvedic medicines and do a patch test before using any medicine for external use to rule out allergies. 11) What is the expiry period of the products? Most of the products of JMD Medico have an expiry period of 3 years. All the details regarding the same is mentioned on the products. You can also find more details on 12) What is the shipping policy of JMD Medico? 1) After you have placed your order, it will be shipped within 7 working days. Delivery time estimates may vary depending on states. 2) Once the order is confirmed and shipped you will receive a tracking number via a mail. 3) You can also check the order on individual career website. 4) Orders placed on Fridays after 12:00 noon will be processed for shipment only on the following Mondays. 13) Where does JMD Medico get its products? JMD Medico gets all its products from its manufacturing partner, Rishiveda Herbal Products Pvt. Ltd., located at Haridvar. JMD Medico products are sourced directly from the lap of nature. 14) What is the process of becoming a distributor or stockist of JMD Medico Products? Please fill in your details in the form on the website and our representative will get in touch for further process. OR You can call directly on our helpline number +91-7506886666 and you will be directed to the concerned person for more details. This is applicable for anyone wanting to partner with us from anywhere in India and Internationally as well. 15) Where is this company located? JMD Medico is located in Mumbai and is a subsidiary company of JMD Ventures Ltd.
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