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Fake Ayurvedic Products: Tips from JMD Medico on Staying Safe

When it comes to buying ayurvedic products, you have plenty of options to obtain them. While some are available in drug stores, a number of products are also available online. And this is where companies selling fake ayurvedic products slip through. The internet is the largest unregulated market, and it is also the place where you can easily fall victim to rogue companies selling fake ayurvedic products.

Are Fake Ayurvedic products dangerous for your health?

Yes, of course. Fake Ayurvedic medicines can be extremely dangerous for you. The companies selling fake ayurvedic products do not provide genuine information about the ingredients they are using for making that product. Usually, reputed Ayurvedic product manufacturers employ specialists for supervising the entire production process. However, in the case of rogue companies selling fake ayurvedic products, the products are produced in environments that are dirty, unhygienic, and are unsupervised. If you take fake medicine, your condition may stop improving at all or deteriorate. Taking fake ayurvedic products containing fake ingredients may cause side effects.

How to Stay Away from Fake Ayurvedic Products?

Awareness is the greatest weapon that you can use to stay safe from companies selling fake ayurvedic products. Most of the companies selling fake ayurvedic products have managed to copy almost each detail of the packaging and the physical aspects of the medicines including shape, size, and colour. However, you can still do a number of things to stay away from these fake products:

1. The internet is the place where people are easily duped by these rogue companies selling fake ayurvedic products. So, stay away from websites that offer you sample packs of products, or bulk discounts or claim their product to be a new cure or claim to give amazing results.

2. Be careful if that website offers online consultation. This is because often unlicensed websites offer such service to make their company look genuine. Stick only to reputable companies.

3. Keep a diary ad note down the side effects. If the product does not seem to be working as normal or if you notice any new side effects, immediately stop using that product. When you check the product you are consuming on a regular basis, the risk of consuming a fake ayurvedic product is reduced.

4. Always note each aspect of the product’s packaging. Check how it looks like, including its dispensing system (if it has any). Whenever you are buying any product, always compare these aspects with the previous pack that you were using. Even if you notice tiniest of difference in packaging, seal, printing, font, and colour, immediately discard the product.

5. Before consuming any ayurvedic product, always check its expiry and manufacturing date. Often, fake packages have unrealistic dates. Also, see whether the dosage mentioned is correct or not and if the information leaflet (if any) provided with the product is in the correct language.

By taking care of these little facts and details, you can easily stay away from falsified products.

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