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Health Risks of Fake Ayurvedic Products

Often, people do not think twice before taking Ayurvedic supplements. The majority of citizens are now resorting to Ayurveda and herbal products for holistic healing. Often they do not even check the origin of the ayurvedic products they are using. And many companies selling fake ayurvedic products are taking advantage of this. Consuming fake ayurvedic products have multiple side effects. And that’s why it’s important to verify the products before buying it, especially if you are buying the products online.

Be careful while buying Ayurvedic products online

With all major ayurvedic product manufacturing companies (such as JMD Medico) selling online, it has become much convenient to buy products online. However, many companies selling fake ayurvedic products are exploiting this platform for selling fake products. However, you have to understand that not all companies selling ayurvedic products are same. Branded and genuine companies (such as JMD Medico) won’t promise you make-believe and extraordinary results. It’s because genuine companies are more concerned about the quality of their products and believe in maintaining strict quality control process for their products. On the other hand, fake and rogue companies usually try to lure customers by promising them extraordinary results.

Before you buy any ayurvedic product, before buying read the ingredients carefully. Research about the ingredients and determine whether that product can help treat your condition. You can even read about the ingredients on the website you are buying from and take down the details for verification.

Also, know the company you are buying from. It’s essential to find about the website that’s selling the products. If the company is selling their products, go to their website and see how they are promoting their products.

Health Risks associated with Fake Ayurvedic Products

Fake ayurvedic product manufacturers do not give high priority to the quality of the products.  They use harmful chemicals, steroids, and toxic substances for manufacturing their product. These chemicals have severe health implications.

1. Steroids

Often, fake ayurvedic products contain high levels of steroid. These are used for giving quick results. However, using steroids for a long time may result in many side effects. These may cause hair loss, acne, and severe health conditions such as kidney, heart, and liver diseases.

2. Lead contaminates

Manufacturer of fake ayurvedic products often uses highly toxic materials such as lead mixed with other ingredients and herbs. Lead poisoning can severely damage your kidneys and also result in high blood pressure. Lead can affect your other body systems causing life-threatening conditions.

3. Mercury contaminates

Mercury is also a highly toxic substance often present in fake ayurvedic products. Mercury is very harmful to your body and affects central and peripheral nervous system, your digestive system, and immune system. High dosage of mercury causes kidney damage and can be fatal for you.

4. Arsenic Toxicity

Fake ayurvedic products may contain arsenic that can cause skin cancer. Regular intake of arsenic increases your risk of heart attack, circulatory disease, and hypertension.

Take great care in verifying the products that you buy. Make sure to buy products only from genuine and branded companies (like us). This will help you stay healthy and safe.

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