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How to Identify and Avoid Fake Ayurvedic Products

Detecting fake ayurvedic products is usually difficult. Verifying the manufacturing origin of an ayurvedic product is easy when it comes from big names. They have a tracking system of their products, and as such, their products can be easily tracked and traced. Using fake ayurvedic products pose a far great threat than just wastage of money. These products contain ingredients that may worsen the health condition and cause serious illness. Drug counterfeiting is a global problem, and the government has come up with various ways to counter this problem. But, when buying an ayurvedic product, how will you determine whether it is fake or not? As a consumer, there are several things you can do for detecting and avoid fake ayurvedic products. Take a look:

1. Check the label carefully

One of the first steps for identifying fake ayurvedic products is to do a thorough research and check its label carefully. We know that often fake ayurvedic products copy the exact packaging as the original ones, but you will notice minute differences if you notice carefully. There would be differences in the font used. You may even find spelling mistakes, usage of the wrong colour on the label, misaligned logos. Sometimes, the taglines are incorrect too. Moreover, the list of ingredients might differ from the original product.

2.  Check the manufacture date

This is a standard practice of buying ayurvedic or any other product. And this is where the fake ayurvedic products make a slip. The manufacturing date is usually printed on the bottom of the jar, on the body of the jar or its lid. Check all the three places. If it’s not printed anywhere, do not buy it as it might be a fake ayurvedic product. Moreover, the manufacturing date needs to be logical. Often, fake ayurvedic products carry a futuristic manufacturing date. Also, check the lot number as there are discrepancies in its format too.

3. Examine its seal

This is also an important way to identify fake ayurvedic products from the original one. Whenever you are buying any product, always check its seal. The seal that’s outside the lid can be tampered with. If you see that the hologram arrangement is incorrect, or the seal arrangement is not convincing, stay away from the product.

4. Incorrect placement or use of hologram

All standard ayurvedic products come with a hologram on their packages. The counterfeit drug manufacturers too try to duplicate it, but hologram is the thing that makes a brand instantly recognisable. If it’s incorrect or its placement is different (placed in some other part of the medicine bottle), then stay away from that product.

5. The product tastes weird

If the ayurvedic supplement you have bought, tastes not usual, get it double checked. It might be too sour or just doesn’t match up to the original flavour and has a funky smell. In the case of pills, you can check how it smells, its colour, and the way it’s packaged.

These preventive measures will help you differentiate between original and fake ayurvedic products.

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