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How can you Identify and Avoid Fake Ayurvedic Products – By JMD Medico

Have you ever seen any fake ayurvedic products in the market? Or have anyone ever convinced you to buy a fake ayurvedic product claiming it to be original? Many of you have had such experiences. We understand that it’s pretty difficult to identify fake ayurvedic products. This is mainly because the fake products copy the packaging so well that it’s really difficult for common people to judge it just on the basis of how it looks. While with big names (like JMD Medico), you may still track a certain package, complain about it in their customer care service and identify whether that product from that batch is original or not. But often you will see products from brands you have never heard of. Determining the authenticity of such products is a bit difficult. Using fake ayurvedic products doesn’t only mean wastage of money it also has an adverse effect on your health. Fake products contain harmful and cheap ingredients. So, how will you determine whether a product is fake or genuine? Here’s a list of several things to check for before buying a product:

1.  Know about the Brand

Whenever you are buying any ayurvedic product know the brand first. Have ever heard of that brand before? Does it have a website? Every reputed brand has their authorised dealer or brand outlets. Always buy from the outlets to avoid chances of buying fake products.

2. Check the label carefully

If you use an ayurvedic product of a certain brand then know its label.  Although the manufacturers of fake products copy the label as exactly they could but still, the fake label is a bit different than the original. For instance, check the fonts that are used. If you look carefully, chances are that you may notice spelling mistakes. Note the subtle difference in colours. Also, check the list of ingredients. It might be different from the original product.

3.  Don’t forget the manufacture date

Checking the manufacture and expiry date before buying ayurvedic medicine is a must. In case of fake products, you may find a discrepancy in the dates. Often, it has been found that the printed date or year is completely illogical. If you have been using the product from that particular brand from many years, you’ll know where exactly the date is printed. If it’s a fake product, then the date may not be printed on its regular place (the lid or the bottom).

4.  The smell or taste of product is different

If the Ayurvedic product that you have bought smells or tastes weird, then immediately discard it. Chances are high that it’s a fake product. If it’s a liquid product, check its consistency and colour, if it’s pill or powder, smell it before buying. If you notice any irregularity, do not buy that product.

5. Check the seal

Is the seal of the product that you are buying is tampered with? Does it look different? The seal is one identifying characteristic of fake ayurvedic products.

These tips will help you identify fake ayurvedic products and stay safe.

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