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Inculcate These Habits Before Sleeping For A Beautiful You

Many of us are usually so tired after work that all we can do is think of the bed. However, once we do lie down in bed, we spend a lot of our time on our phones. Instead of continuing this harmful habit which doesn’t allow you to relax and is absolutely terrible for your brain and eyes, take some time out to create a nightly ritual for yourself that will have you feeling alert, relaxed, and ready to take on the day when you wake up the next morning.

Here are 12 habits you must develop for a more beautiful you inside out:

Get enough sleep

Yes, you’ve heard this one before many times but if you haven’t adopted this practice yet, then you need to hear it again! Your body needs enough sleep, so make sure you put that phone away and sleep at a decent hour.

Clean your face

We live in a world where pollution has pervaded almost every corner, therefore it is imperative that you clean your face meticulously before going to bed. All the day’s dust and grime has made its way into your pores and will eventually cause dull skin and pimples.

Steam your face

Alright, granted you may not have the time or inclination to do this one every day but try to steam your face as many times as you can throughout the week. This will open up your pores so you can easily get rid of the oils and dust in them, and also hydrate your skin.

Scrub to rejuvenate

If you want to scrub your face every night, make sure you use a mild face scrub as one with hard particles can damage your skin making it raw and more susceptible to damage. Scrubbing your face regularly before sleeping activates the blood flow giving you a beautiful complexion when you wake up.

Apply an eye cream

Many of us pay all the attention to the face but not enough to the eyes. After spending your whole day sitting in front of your computer or using your phone, your eyes can get terribly strained. Excessive stress on the eyes can result in dark circles, bags, and even premature wrinkling. To avoid all this, use a good eye cream before bed.

Brush your teeth

Your smile is an integral part of your face so you want your pearly whites to stay that way. Food collected in the crevices of your teeth attracts millions of bacteria that can cause tooth decay and a host of infections. To avoid ruining your smile, brush, and floss your teeth at night.

Hydrate your lips

If you don’t drink enough water, your lips can get seriously dehydrated. To avoid wrinkling and shrinking of the lips, make sure you use some aloe vera gel or natural oil to hydrate your lips.

Use a moisturizer

Of course, after washing your face you must use moisturizer. This will prevent you from waking up with dry and flaky skin. Moisturizing the skin before sleeping not only relaxes you promoting better sleep but it also hydrates it. If you suffer from oily skin, make sure you use an option that will control the oil so you wake up with fresh skin instead of greasiness.

Moisturize your hands

Just as with your face, after using your hands all day, give them some pampering by using a light, natural moisturizer. Hands are the first place signs of aging show up, so regularly moisturizing them can prevent wrinkling.

Brush your hair

Give your scalp a nice massage with your hairbrush and remove all the knots from your tresses. Brushing your hair improves blood circulation which helps you wake up alert. It also promotes hair growth. But go easy on your locks, do it gently.

Care for your feet

Wash your feet even if you don’t shower at night. This gives a general feeling of freshness to the whole body and even promotes sleep.

Drink water

Dehydration is a huge cause of insomnia. If you’re dehydrated, you tend to eat more and that means more carbs, sugar, and energy which does not allow you to sleep easily. Make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day and hydrate yourself at night so your skin remains and smooth and supple.



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