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The liver plays an important role in several body functions such as blood clotting, protein production, controlling cholesterol levels, fighting infection and illness, and releasing bile – a liquid that aids digestion by breaking down fats. The liver is the second largest organ in our body and is prone to several different diseases.In most cases, the onset of liver diseases doesn’t have any symptoms which can leave a person clueless. Liver diseases become significantly noticeable until it advances and partially damages the liver.

Types of Liver disorder/diseases

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
NAFLD (Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease) is a range of liver complications that arise by fats which build up in the liver. People who are overweight or obese stand at a greater risk of developing NAFLD.

Alcohol-related liver disease
ARLD (Alcohol-related liver disease) is caused by excess consumption of alcohol for a prolonged period. In most cases, ARLD doesn’t have any symptoms until the liver has been significantly damaged. When the damage to the liver gets severe, symptoms such as vomiting blood, loss of appetite, weight loss, and sick feeling start to show.

Hepatitis is the inflammation of the liver. It is usually caused by a viral infection or prolonged consumption of alcohol.

Primary biliary cirrhosis
PBC (Primary Biliary Cirrhosis) is a long-term liver disease in which the liver’s bile ducts get damaged.

Treatment of Liver disorder
Liver diseases are treatable, and Ayurvedic remedies are known to be an excellent cure. The WINOLIV DS syrup and tablet from JMD Medico have been formulated to protect the liver from dysfunction and damage.The WINOLIV DS syrup contains essential ayurvedic remedies such as Methi, Ajwain, Arjuna, Kakamachi, Kulekhara and Kalmegh. The syrup reduces anorexia and controls jaundice.
The WINOLIV DS tablet enhances digestion and appetite, helps in combating alcoholic hepatitis, and improves liver disorder. The main ingredients of Winoliv tablet are Kalmegh, Guduchi, Nagarmotham, and Chirayata.

 JMD Medico offers WINOLIV DS , the best remedy for Liver Disorders. WINOLIV DS contains Kalmegh , Kulekhara ,Kakamachi , Arjuna , Ajwain , and Methi. WINOLIV DS protects the liver by safeguarding it against alcohol, helps in reducing anorexia, controls jaundice, and clears constipation.

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