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Problem of Sore Throat and its solution

Sore Throat is the inflammation of the Pharynx or back of the throat. The inflammation may also involve tonsils and adenoids. It occurs more frequently when a person has cold or flu.  An irritating condition of the throat may range from being harmless to being potentially serious. Mostly those who suffer from sore throat may have difficulty swallowing, cough, pain in the throat which could also result in fever.


Sore throat is mainly caused by bacteria or viral infection. Many different kind of ailments can give rise to this condition. The most common ailment is cold and flu. Other conditions that cause sore throat are Tonsillitis, Mumps, Sinus, Measles, excessive talking, smoking, drinking too much cold water, change in weather etc.

Remedies for Sore Throat

  • Sipping on orange juice diluted in warm water helps in providing relief in sore throat.
  • Using mango bark is very effective in sore throat and other throat disorders. Its fluid can be used to gargle or it can be applied locally to provide relief.
  • Betel leaves have proven results of easing sore throat. The leaf can be applied locally or the fruits of the tree can be mixed with honey and consumed to lessen the irritation due to sore throat.
  • An infusion of Ajwain mixed with common salt when consumed immediately provides respite.
  • Tulsi leaves and dalchini is also very beneficial
  • Prepare a concoction of Tulsi, ajwain, black pepper, ginger, saunf, curry patta mixed with honey should be consumed every night to get instant relief from sore throat
  • Having warm turmeric water is also very beneficial
  • Gargling for two to three times a day with warm water mixed with salt reduces the irritation due to sore throat
  • A gargle prepared with fenugreek seeds is also very effective. Boil two teaspoons of fenugreek seeds in water for half an hour over low flame. Cool the liquid to bearable temperature and gargle.
  • Consuming honey with ginger juice is helps in easing sore throat very effectively

Sore throat is a very disturbing and does hamper regular working as it drains the energy of the body. One should be hydrated and work on making the immunity strong so that the sore throat does not keep coming back.

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