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Coughing once in a while helps in clearing your throat of foreign irritants and mucus. However, if a cough lasts for more than a week, then that is an indication of the presence of virus or respiratory tract infection. Such infection may last for several days and even weeks. A cough can be of many types. It might be caused by an allergen. A cough can be wet, that comes with yellow phlegm with burning sensation in your chest and throat. On the other hand, cough can be dry. A dry cough is painful and pretty frequent. JMD Medico offers a herbal remedy for a persistent cough.

Ayurvedic medicine for a cough and cold

While in allopathic treatment system usually the medicines try to suppress a cough; however, in the Ayurvedic system, the medicines try to eliminate a cough from its root by treating the reason behind a cough. There are a number of Ayurvedic herbs such as mulethi, kali mirch, peppermint, and Kakar singhi which are well known for eliminating cough. The products by JMD Medico combine the goodness of these herbs to give you instant relief from wet and dry cough. Our product heals chronic bronchitis and also relieves throat irritation. This medicine doesn’t cause drowsiness like other cough syrups available in the market. The ayurvedic cough medicine by JMD Medico also cures chest congestion and eases asthmatic problems.

Buy ayurvedic medicine online

Tried everything but still, the cough persists? Try ayurvedic cough syrup by JMD Medico for instant relief.

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