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Ancinil Syrup

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JMD Medico has formulated a syrup that is a one stop solution to all problems related to the digestive system. Many of the herbs and spices contained in the formulation of this syrup have anti-inflammatory properties that reduce heartburn and acidity. Ingredients like Ajwain contain essential enzymes that help to break food down making it more easily digestible and coat the stomach lining to prevent from corrosion due to oily and spicy foods.

  • Helps Normalize digestion of carbohydrates and proteins
  • Eases discomfort in the abdomen
  • Enables easy digestion of food
  • Reduces gastritis, flatulence and Indigestion

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Benefits Ancinil Syrup:

Ancinil is herbal antacid. When consumed before a meal it coats the stomach lining preventing harmful ingredients from corroding it. This does not allow acidity to take place.

It promotes easy breakdown of carbohydrates and proteins facilitating better digestion which can even help in weight reduction.

Gas present in the abdomen can cause a lot of pain and discomfort. Ancinil syrup helps the passage of gas and relieves any abdominal discomfort.

Ancinil prevents indigestion; in the long run prolonged indigestion can lead to gastritis, this can also be caused due to alcohol consumption and eating unhealthy food. Ancinil ensures this does not happen.

This is a sugar free supplement safe for consumption even by diabetics.

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