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Arthorex Oil

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Joint pain and inflammation can cause extreme discomfort and disrupt daily activities. JMD Medico’s Arthorex Oil is specially formulated with a host of herbal ingredients to relieve pain caused due to bruises, joint inflammation and even arthritis. Soreness of the muscles due to too much activity or over-exercising can also be alleviated with this oil. This concoction of Pudina Sat (Garden Mint) and Gandhpura Taila (Wintergreen Oil) with other herbs like Nilgiri and Muchkand Flower can also help with fatigue and make you feel rejuvenated and revitalized with regular use.

  • Instant Relief from Joint Pains, Swelling and Sprain
  • Comforts Stiff Muscular Pain
  • Helpful in Backache
  • Eases the Pain of Arthritis

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Benefits of Arthorex Oil

Arthorex Oil comes with a range of benefits; the anti-inflammatory properties of Pudina and Gandhpura assist in obtaining instant relief from joint pains, swelling due to external trauma and sprains in the limbs.

Menthol contained in Pudina is a great ingredient, the properties of which calm the senses provding relief from fatigue.

Nilgiri or Eucalyptus oil is the primary ingredient of Arthorex oil that can help with better blood circulation and rheumatoid arthritis. Studies suggest that even inhaling the oil can have anti-inflammatory effects that can significantly lower pain and blood pressure.

Stiffness of the muscles due to sitting in one position for a prolonged period of time can cause quite a bit of discomfort; regular use of Arthorex oil can restore muscles back to flexibility and ease the tension in ligaments.

Arthorex Oil is recommended for people who are extremely active outdoors or workout heavily in the gym. Continuous use of the oil relaxes muscle tissues allowing the body to recover sooner.

Backaches have become a common phenomenon to due sedentary lifestyles spent in uncomfortable office chairs. Lower back pains plague almost every other person while upper back pain is common among those who may hunch. Arthorex Oil’s relaxing properties can help lessen back pain as well as strengthen the back muscles and bones.

How to Use?

Use a healthy amount of oil on the affected areas for 5-7 weeks. Massage the oil gently into the skin and allow it to work its magic. Use weekly for full body massage for relaxation and healthy muscles and bones.

Key Ingredients

Rasna: Rasna Oil can help with relief from headaches and fatigue and also help with relaxation. Additionally, it also helps skin diseases and internal inflammation.

Sugandhbala: Not only does it have an anesthetic effect on the affected areas but inhaling the oil also helps to calm the nerves and induces restful sleep.

Tejpatta: Commonly known as Tejpatta or Bay Leaves carry a plethora of benefits associated with the plant. Oil made from bay leaves is easily absorbent and penetrates deep within the skin to ease pain and heal arthritis, joint pain and inflammation.

Haldi: help with symptoms associated with Rheumatoid Arthritis and to relieve pain due to inflammation caused by osteoarthritis. Turmeric contains curcumin which is the primary chemical for treating conditions that involve inflammation.


There are certain nuts, roots and seeds contained in the oil which can cause an allergic reaction, however, this is subject to your specific reaction to those ingredients.

Yes absolutely! Regular use of Arthorex Oil will not only relieve your joints of any pain but will also clear any skin problems and maintain moisture in the skin.

ingredients ensure you get instant relief from all bone and muscle related problems. Any problems like rheumatism, osteoporosis or arthritis can be relieved with the continual use of Arthorex Oil. Its many anti-inflammatory 

Yes! It is one hundred percent plant based making it a great vegan and cruelty free option.

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