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Otine Hair Cleanser

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Hair is our crowning glory, most of us take great care in maintaining healthy and lustrous hair. However, due to extreme temperatures, sweat, pollution and other factors hair can sometimes lose its shine and volume. Otine Hair Cleansing Shampoo is a 100% herbal shampoo that is gentle on the scalp maintaining its natural oils, it revitalizes hair and restores its natural luster.

  • Protects your Scalp
  • Improves Lustre of Hair
  • Otine is 100% Herbal
  • Improves Hair Quality and Volume
  • Gives Strong, Shiny, Lively and Silky Hair.

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Benefits of Otine Hair Cleanser

Many shampoos that you can buy off the shelves contain harmful chemicals that strip the scalp of protection which could lead to brittle hair and dandruff. Otine hair cleanser replenishes hair with essentials oils necessary to maintain its health.

Pollution, dust and humidity can cause hair to lose its natural shine and luster. Otine hair cleanser ensure hair remains smooth and glossy.

Otine hair cleanser is a shampoo that treats many hair problems, one of these is to improve the innate quality of hair and another is to increase volume and bounce.

Essential oils and nutrients are present in the Otine hair cleanser which can reverse damage caused to hair ultimately making it healthy, strong and silky.

Otine hair cleanser can work as a great supplement to hair medication in case of any scalp infections.

Hair fall has become a major concern these days due to unhealthy lifestyles and too much stress. Otine hair cleanser relaxes the scalp, increases blood circulation and strengthens hair from the roots eventually reducing hair fall.


How to use ?

Apply 2-3 drops on wet hair and scrub gently until it forms a lather. Leave on scalp for 2-3 minutes. Rinse well.

Key Ingredients


Reetha: It is brings shine and luster in hair and can also be effective in curing scalp infections.

Shikakai: . It is a natural cleanser that is rich in antioxidant and vitamins A, C, K and D; it nourishes the hair follicles making hair strong and shiny. It also prevents dandruff and hair loss.

Bhringraj: It is a magic oil that promotes quick hair growth. In some cases it may even prevent or reduce premature greying. It also treats dandruff and reduces hair fall.

Neem: It is control frizz and seal hair follicles. It is also a great defense against dandruff, dry scalp and scalp infections.


Yes! Otine hair cleanser provides moisture without making the scalp oily. It prevents excessive sweating and keeps the scalp dry.

Otine hair cleanser has been formulated to provide nourishment to all hair textures.

Otine hair cleanser is 100% natural and is safe to use every day. However, it is not recommended that you shampoo your hair so often, as it can strip the scalp of its natural oils causing the hair to dry up anf become brittle.

Otine hair cleanser has natural conditioners present in its formula that will moisturize your hair and make it soft. However, if you have damaged or treated hair, you may use a conditioner.

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