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Cough Kolin Syrup

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COUGH KOLIN SYRUP from JMD Medico’s Ayurvedic store contains Mulethi, Adusa, Kali Mirch, Kakada Singhi & Peppermint. These Ayurvedic ingredients provide relief from Wet, Dry , Allergic cough & for normal cold. JMD Medico’s COUGH KOLIN also cures chest congestion due to cough and cold, cough due to respiratory obstruction, chest pain due to congestion and aids in clearing the respiratory tract.

  • Gives Relief from wet & dry cough
  •  It can be used for Chronic Bronchitis
  •  COUGH KOLIN eases Asthmatic Problem
  •  Relieves throat irritation
  •  Reduced Drowsiness & keeps person Active & Alert during common cold and cough

Dosage: 2 -3 Teaspoon with lukewarm water  For Children – 1/2 to 1 Teaspoon with lukewarm water twice daily or as directed by the physician.

Indication: Wet, Dry & Allergic cough & for normal cold.

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JMD Medico’s COUGH KOLIN SYRUP is an excellent cure for wet, dry and allergic cough and common cold. Cough generally takes a lot of time to cure. By the time one is relieved from cough, the person gets exhausted, tired and irritated. It is often accompanied with chest pain, throat pain, and abdominal stress. COUGH KOLIN SYRUP is an excellent Ayurvedic medicine that provides relief immediately.
Composition: Each 10 ml contains:
Kakada Singhi ( Pistacia integerrima ) 65mg
Mulethi( Glycyrrhiza glabra ) 60mg
Adusa( Adhatoda vasica ) 70mg
Talish Patra( Taxus baccata ) 60mg
Kateri Chhoti( Solanum xanthocarpum ) 10mg
Kali Mirch( Piper nigrum ) 10mg
Kapur( Cinnamomum camphora ) 5mg
Pipermint( Mentha piperata ) 5mg
Shudh Sphatika(Alum Potash) 10mg
Sugar( Saccharum officinarum ) 6000mg
Preservative( Sodium Benzoate ) 15mg
Preservative( Citric Acid ) 15mg
Preservative( Methyl Paraben ) 20mg
Preservative( Propyl Paraben ) 10mg
DM Water( DM Water ) 3940mg
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