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Stonerex Syrup


JMD Medico’s STONEREX Syrup is an Ayurvedic cure to maintain urinary tract’s good health. STONEREX contains Moolikshar, Saindha Namak , Sajjikshar , Shwait Parpati  & Sudh Shilajeet.These ingredients provide relief from Kidney disorders and makes kidney functioning more efficient.

  • Useful for management of Burning Micturition
  • Helpful in Urinary Calculi ,Urethritis & Nephritis
  • Provides Relief from U.T.I.Infection
  • Its also helps to dissolve stone in your Kidney
  • It prevents formation of Stones
  • Soothes Irritation in the bladder
  • Reduces deposition and crystal formation in the urinary tract
  • Reduces painful urination

Indication: For the management of burning Micturation, U.T.I. infection , Urinary calculi, Urethritis and Nephritis.

Dosage: 10 -15ml two to three times a day or as directed by Physician

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This product is sold to you on the premise that you have received advice from a doctor and that you are not self-medicating.

JMD Medico’s STONEREX SYRUP is anti-lithiatic (prevents the formation of kidney stones) and
lithotriptic (dissolves kidney stones) properties. These properties of STONEREX make it a very effective solution for maintaining a healthy urinary system.

Composition: Each 10 ml contains:
Moolikshar( Raphanus Sativus ) 40mg
Saindha Namak ( Sodii chloridum ) 12mg
Sajjikshar ( Soda Bicarbonate ) 12mg
Shwait Parpati( Classical Pre. ) 35mg
Trin Panch Mool ( Classical Pre. ) 100mg
Sudh Shilajeet( Asphaltum Punjabium ) 40mg
Sheetal Chini( Piper cubeba ) 20mg
Punarnava( Boerhaavia diffusa ) 50mg
Gokshur ( Tribulus terretris ) 50mg
Chharilla( Parmelia periata ) 50mg
Varun( Crataeva nurvala ) 50mg
Kulathi( Dolichos biflorus ) 40mg
Pashan Bhed ( Saxifraga ligulata ) 20mg
Palashpushp( Butea monosperma ) 20mg
Lajjalu( Memosa pudica ) 20mg
Makoi( Solanum nigrum ) 20mg
Kakari( Cucumis utissimus ) 20mg
Daruharidra( Berberis aristata ) 12mg
Ikshu sat( Saccharum officinarum ) 6000mg
Preservative( Sodium benzoate ) 15mg
Nimbu sat( Citrus limon ) 15mg
Preservative( Methyl Paraben ) 20mg
Preservative( Propyl Paraben ) 10mg
Base(DM Water) 3940mg
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