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Pilo-E-Colex Tablet

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Specification PILO-E-COLEX treats Piles, which is a very common problem today. The ingredients of PILO-E-COLEX includes  Badi Haritaki, Sunthi , Chitrak , Bel , and Pippalimool. These natural ingredients are very effective for painful and bleeding motions. JMD Medico’s PILO-E-COLEX also helps in treating problems such as loss of appetite, digestion, and constipation.

  • Reduces pain and removes lump
  • Stops Bleeding
  • This product does not have any side effects
  • Accelarates Wound healing

Dosage : 1 Tablet twice daily after meal preferably with lukewarm water or as directed by the physician. Indications: Effective in the management of Piles, improves appetite, maintain digestion, and provides relief from constipation.

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PILO-E-COLEX  Tablet from JMD Medico’s Ayurvedic store  is a 100 % Herbal cure for Piles. The ingredients of PILO-E-COLEX Tablet like Sunthi, Badi Haritaki, Surana Purified Powder, Bel, Chitrak to name a few ensure less pain and easy passing of motions.

Composition: Each 1000mg contains:
Badi Haritaki ( Terminalia chebula ) 80mg
Sunthi ( Zingiber officinale ) 70mg
Chitrak ( Plumbago zeylanica ) 45mg
Bel ( Aegle marmelos ) 45mg
Pippalimool ( Piper longum ) 25mg
Rasanjan ( Extractum berberis ) 25mg
Surana Purified Powder ( Amorphophallus campanulatus ) 120mg
Nisoth ( Operculina turpenthum ) 50mg
Sanay ( Cassia angustifolia ) 50mg
Saunf ( Foeniculum vulgare ) 25mg
Yavani ( Trachyspermum ammi ) 25mg
Safed Jeera ( Cuminum cyminum ) 20mg
Dhania ( Coriandrum sativum ) 20mg
Nagkeshar ( Mesua ferrea ) 30mg
Giloy Satva ( Tinospora cordifolia ) 11mg
Triphala (Emblica officinalis + Terminalia bellerica + Terminalia chebula) 60mg
Tankan ( Sodium biboras ) 10mg
Arshkuthar rasa ( Classical Yog ) 120mg
Bol Parpati ( Classical Yog ) 15mg
MCCP ( Micro Crystalline Cellulose Powder ) 50mg
DCP ( Dicalcium phosphate Powder ) 50mg
Starch ( Corn starch ) 50mg
Preservative ( Sodium benzoate ) 4mg
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Reviews (17)

17 reviews for Pilo-E-Colex Tablet

  1. Ashok verma

    use karke acha laga bohat samayse problem that ab pahele se behtar hain

  2. Abhinav mishra

    I have tried many medicine time and money spend nothing show any result piles tablet is miracle.should try everyone who has this problem

  3. Subash roy

    I had piles more then year tried everything but didn’t get any relief but this medicine does

  4. Vinod shukla

    my problem was untreatable until I try this medicine took time but worked

  5. Petor gonsalvis

    Good product for piles. i am using 20 days relief from piles and constipation.

  6. Mohd faizal khan

    5 stars out of 5 good Relief in Must buy it’s really works Thank JMD Medico

  7. Dattatreya vartak

    two tablets a day it took 8 weeks to completely kill my pain thanks JMD

  8. Aditya bhosale

    tablets are best known for piles but also work on digestion

  9. Eknath mandavkar

    you should make delivery process as fast as order process

  10. Kunal sharma

    shipping charges is high but product is worth spending

  11. Iqbal shikh

    Doesn’t work

  12. Shivkumar yadav

    ek mahine maie phodi chala gaya davaee kam karta hain acha medicine hain

  13. Rohit kadam

    product is very good but using it continuously keep it heal other I’ll get again some issue

  14. Riya verma

    Not Working

  15. Aniket gochi

    there are other products in a market but this medicine work for me should give it try

  16. Ashwani seth

    capsules use karke bhoat arram mila


    I have been suffering from piles very long time this product give me relief effective result Product is very good take time of one month but effective

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