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Pilo-E-Colex Tablet

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Specification PILO-E-COLEX treats Piles, which is a very common problem today. The ingredients of PILO-E-COLEX includes  Badi Haritaki, Sunthi , Chitrak , Bel , and Pippalimool. These natural ingredients are very effective for painful and bleeding motions. JMD Medico’s PILO-E-COLEX also helps in treating problems such as loss of appetite, digestion, and constipation.

  • Reduces pain and removes lump
  • Stops Bleeding
  • This product does not have any side effects
  • Accelarates Wound healing

Dosage : 1 Tablet twice daily after meal preferably with lukewarm water or as directed by the physician. Indications: Effective in the management of Piles, improves appetite, maintain digestion, and provides relief from constipation.


PILO-E-COLEX  Tablet from JMD Medico’s Ayurvedic store  is a 100 % Herbal cure for Piles. The ingredients of PILO-E-COLEX Tablet like Sunthi, Badi Haritaki, Surana Purified Powder, Bel, Chitrak to name a few ensure less pain and easy passing of motions.

Composition: Each 1000mg contains:
Badi Haritaki ( Terminalia chebula ) 80mg
Sunthi ( Zingiber officinale ) 70mg
Chitrak ( Plumbago zeylanica ) 45mg
Bel ( Aegle marmelos ) 45mg
Pippalimool ( Piper longum ) 25mg
Rasanjan ( Extractum berberis ) 25mg
Surana Purified Powder ( Amorphophallus campanulatus ) 120mg
Nisoth ( Operculina turpenthum ) 50mg
Sanay ( Cassia angustifolia ) 50mg
Saunf ( Foeniculum vulgare ) 25mg
Yavani ( Trachyspermum ammi ) 25mg
Safed Jeera ( Cuminum cyminum ) 20mg
Dhania ( Coriandrum sativum ) 20mg
Nagkeshar ( Mesua ferrea ) 30mg
Giloy Satva ( Tinospora cordifolia ) 11mg
Triphala (Emblica officinalis + Terminalia bellerica + Terminalia chebula) 60mg
Tankan ( Sodium biboras ) 10mg
Arshkuthar rasa ( Classical Yog ) 120mg
Bol Parpati ( Classical Yog ) 15mg
MCCP ( Micro Crystalline Cellulose Powder ) 50mg
DCP ( Dicalcium phosphate Powder ) 50mg
Starch ( Corn starch ) 50mg
Preservative ( Sodium benzoate ) 4mg
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    I have been suffering from piles very long time this product give me relief effective result Product is very good take time of one month but effective

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