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Walmixfort Syrup

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Blood is one of the most important components of the human body. It transports oxygen, minerals, nutrients and vitamins to vital organs keeping diseases at bay. While your liver and kidneys are constantly purifying blood, it is always beneficial to supplement the body with natural herbs to increase and speed up the process of purification. Pollution as well as unhealthy lifestyles leads to impurities and free radicals in the blood which in turn cause deadly diseases. JMD Medico’s Walmixfort syrup has been formulated to aid the body’s natural processes in maintaining healthy and clean blood.

Benefits of Walmixfort Syrup:

Removes toxins stored in the body for an extended period of time. The detoxification process boosts the immune system and helps maintain healthy skin and hair.

Walmixfort syrup contains many ingredients that prevent skin from breakouts like acne, blemishes and pimples. It also restores the moisture in the skin.

Impure blood can cause a range of skin and health conditions including allergies, nausea and headaches. Walmixfort syrup cleanses the blood to eliminate all these possibilities.

The syrup helps to maintain a healthy blood count which in turn betters the functioning of vital organs such as the heart, liver, kidneys, lungs and lymphatic system.

It aids in uninterrupted transportation of essential gases like oxygen and carbon dioxide through the blood resulting in a strong immune system.

Walmixfort syrup contains ingredients that help the blood to better regulate pH value, water levels as well as body temperature.

In cleansing and maintaining the health of blood, this syrup helps to increase white blood cells which minimize blood loss from injuries and ensures a healthy platelet count.

The syrup helps in keeping all kinds of organ diseases as well as infections at bay by boosting the body’s immunity.


Key Ingredients

Giloy extract: Giloy is an Ayurvedic herb that has been used in Indian medicine for ages. In Sanskrit the name translates to ‘Amrita’, which literally means ‘root of immortality’. It is abundant in its medicinal properties and is used to boost immunity as it fight free radicals and detoxifies the blood. It is also an antibacterial that fights urinary tract infections and liver diseases.

Pitta papda extract: This is medicinal herb that can cure a host of diseases in addition to purifying blood. It is used to treat skin problems, remove toxins from the body and reduce cholesterol. In Walmixfort syrup, it helps to clear skin and fight kidney diseases like increased urea and serum creatine.

Sanay extract: Extract from the Senna plant added to Walmixfort syrup helps with constipation and detoxification. It is also a great remedy for hemorrhoids and can be taken along with JMD Medico’s Pile-E-Colex syrup or tablets.

Revand Chini: Revand Chini is also known as Indian Rhubarb. Its roots are used for medicinal purposes and are sourced from the Himalayas and Kashmir. This medicinal root works mainly on plasma, blood and fat. It has many healing properties and is used in various conditions from reducing fevers to easing bowel movements to assisting digestion.

Punarnava extract: Punarnava is quite popular in Ayurvedic medicine. It is a magic herb for the liver preventing any kind of infections, it can help with diabetes, fibroids and clotting in women. It works as a blood purifier that helps with many different important functions of the body.


What exactly does Walmixfort syrup do?

Walmixfort syrup essentially cleanses and purifies the blood which in turn keeps all the organs healthy resulting in healthy skin and hair, increased immunity and protection from diseases, better bowel movements, regulation of hormones and so much more! It is a one stop supplement that will assist you or any treatment you may be undergoing.

Can I consume Walmixfort syrup without asking my doctor?

Walmixfort syrup has no side effects so it can be consumed by anyone. However, if you do have any concerns, please consult your physician before you purchase the syrup.

Why do I need to purify my blood?

Blood impurities are the primary cause of all diseases as they lower immunity and hamper the normal functioning of vital organs. It is imperative to cleanse the blood to live a healthy and fulfilling life.

Will I get any allergic reaction on consuming the Walmixfort syrup?

Walmixfort is an all-natural syrup containing only medicinal herbs. It should not cause any allergies; however, if you do have a family history of allergy, please do consult a doctor before consumption.

10 reviews for Walmixfort Syrup

  1. anita damodar rov

    Product works as good but some time it’s test bitter or sometimes sweet in every new bottle

  2. manoj patil

    This is not the first medicine i used for my face pimples but this medicine is very good with low cost and give me a good result within a month and my face impurities look far better than it used to look

  3. Jigna mansukh

    Product is very good but not available in market

  4. manish chohan

    not good

  5. gopinath mangesh

    I really don’t know about this company before i saw video on youtube but this medicine works good as they promised happy with the result

  6. Shravn mishra

    Char bottle ka 300 rupay liya or dilvry bhi late kiya

  7. kanchan upadhyay

    product quality is very good & impressive everyone should try

  8. archana jindal

    Syrup pee kar fayada bhot huva thodi badi bottle bhi bano please

  9. chirag maheshwari

    Bottle leaked out of the box please improve your packaging

  10. altaf hussain

    Mere chera pahele se bohot behatar ho gaya hai our cream bhi bohot effective hain

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