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Liver is the largest organ of the body and it’s proper functioning is extremely important as it aids a lot of systems in the body. WINOLIV-DS Syrup from JMD Medico helps in taking good care of the Liver. Some of the main ingredients of WINOLIV-DS Syrup contains Kalmegh , Kulekhara ,Kakamachi , Arjuna , Ajwain , and Methi to name a few keeps the Liver healthy. It protects your liver by safeguarding it against alcohol, helps in reducing anorexia, controls jaundice, and clears constipation. WINOLIV-DS Syrup is 100% Herbal with no side effects.

  • Strengthens Liver Protection
  • Enhances Digestion and Appetite
  • Improves Liver Disorder
  • Helps in reducing Early Cirrhosis
  • Protects from Alcoholic Hepatitis & Anorexia Nervosa

Dosage : 5 – 10 ml ( two to three times a day ) or as directed by Physician

Indications : Digestive , Yakrit , Vrindi Har , Yakrit Vikar , Plehavardinashak.

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JMD Medico’s WINOLIV-DS Syrup restores the functional efficiency of the Liver. WINOLIV-DS Syrup promotes a healthy Liver, improves appetite, prevents Liver disorders. It’s main ingredients Kalmegh, Kulekhara, Kakamachi, Arjuna, Ajwain, Methi, Saunf to name a few are natural healers of Liver. All Liver diseases can be averted with the intake of WINOLIV-DS Syrup.

Composition: Each 5 ml contains:
Kalmegh ( Andrographis paniculata ) 100mg
Kulekhara ( Asteracantha longifolia ) 50mg
Kakamachi ( Solanum nigrum ) 100mg
Arjuna ( Terminalia arjuna ) 50mg
Ajwain ( Trachyspermum ammi ) 50mg
Methi ( Trigonella foenum- graecum ) 20mg
Bhringraj ( Eclipta alba ) 100mg
Biranjasipha ( Achillea millefolium ) 50mg
Bhoomi Amala ( Phyllanthus niruri ) 50mg
Katuki ( Picrorhiza kurroa ) 50mg
Saunf ( Foeniculum vulgare ) 50mg
Kasani ( Cichorium intybus ) 50mg
Punarnava ( Boerhaavia diffusa ) 100mg
Sarpunkha ( Tephrosia purpurea ) 50mg
Gulancha ( Tinospora cordifolia ) 50mg
Nagarmotha ( Cyperus rotundus ) 50mg
Sweetening agent ( Sorbitol liquid ) 1750.50mg
Sweetening agent ( Saccharin sodium ) 5mg
Base ( Sodium EDTA ) 2mg
Preservative ( Sodium benzoate ) 20mg
Nimbu sat ( Citrus limon ) 7.50mg
Preservative ( Potassium sorbate ) 10mg
Base ( DM Water ) 3190mg
Flavour ( pine apple ) 15mg
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