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No Side effect

Ayurveda is derived from ‘Ayur’ that means life and ‘Ved’ that means Knowledge. It is the oldest medical system in the world that believes in complete Healing of the body. Ayurveda is all about preserving the Wellness of the Body. As per Ayurveda one can build good healthand longevity by taking care of the three pillars of Life – a Healthy Diet, A Sound Sleep and Self- Control.

Unlike Western Medicine which is highly reliable on complex compounds and chemicals, Ayurveda promotes the complete usage of Herbs , plant extracts , vegetables and fruits. The Herbal medicine helps not only in strengthening oneself internally but also it ensures that you are physically fit. Ayurvedic medicines helps people live long, stay healthy and maintain a balanced life.

Because of its Herbal contents these Ayurvedic medicines or supplements from JMD are devoid of any kind of side effects. These medicines helps in channelizing the energy pathways so that one can thrive experiencing Physical Life experience and not just survive.