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Why you Shouldn’t Ignore the Problem of Piles

Like most of the people, Elisha too was reluctant to visit the doctor to seek help for piles. It all started with her first pregnancy, and now, it was almost a year that she was suffering from bleeding piles. Many suggested her to seek ayurvedic treatment for bleeding piles, but she thought it would go away with time. But the symptoms aggravated.

Like Elisha, many wouldn’t seek medical help or ayurvedic treatment for bleeding piles. They fail to realise that if haemorrhoids or piles are left untreated for long, they can result in much serious health complications.

Never Ignore Bleeding Piles

You might have heard this advice a million of times. We understand that for some, it gets embarrassing to discuss a health condition like piles. But that’s not going to help. If you think that ignoring your bleeding piles would make them go away on their own, then you are wrong. Here’s the scary part:

If you ignore your bleeding piles, then they would eventually become large and might protrude outside your anus causing severe pain, swelling, and bleeding. In extreme cases, people even have to undergo surgery to remove the haemorrhoids. So, if you are ignoring the haemorrhoids, the chances are that they will cause more pain and discomfort and get worse. You can definitely make changes in your diet; increase the intake of fibre-rich food, fruits, and veggies that can ease your bowels, but still, haemorrhoids seldom go away if you do not seek medical attention. Sounds scary, right? We know that. But, the good news is, you can get rid of haemorrhoids easily in a natural way.

Constipation is often said to aggravate piles. So, it’s necessary to prevent constipation. If you are wondering how then let us tell you that it’s pretty simple. First, follow a well-balanced, healthy diet rich in natural dietary fibres.  Both soluble and insoluble fibres from plant food keep your stool soft and facilitate its easy elimination. Drink plenty of water. This prevents hardening of stool.

You can soak yourself in a hot bathtub. This helps in shrinking the haemorrhoids. You can try using a sitz bath periodically. This prevents worsening of haemorrhoids. Use cold compress and hot sitz bath alternately for relief.

Piles often cause inflammation and itching in the anal region. To relieve that apply pure aloe vera gel. Soak pads in witch hazel extracts and apply it on your anal region. This also helps relieve haemorrhoid symptoms. Do not sit on a hard surface for long hours or stand for long hours. This makes the condition worse.

While you can resort to ayurveda for the treatment of your bleeding piles, it is advisable to visit a doctor immediately if you experience bleeding from your rectum.

Ayurveda has treatment options for Bleeding Piles

There are many ayurvedic medicines available for treating bleeding piles. If you are seeking ayurvedic treatment for bleeding piles, you can check the products by JMD Medico. These are made from natural herbs and don’t have any side effects. For further details, visit

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