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Ayurvedic Medicine for Sugar Control

Sugar Control – 7 Hacks for It

Living with Diabetes calls for a lot of efforts from your part for keeping your blood sugar levels stabilised. Diabetes occurs when your body cannot remove excess sugar from your blood. This happens when your body becomes insulin sensitive or cannot produce adequate insulin. If left unchecked, high sugar levels can damage your blood vessels. You may take Ayurvedic medicine for sugar control or try these hacks for effective sugar control:

1. Get Moving

Regular exercise helps manage blood sugar levels over time. It’s not only good for diabetes control but for your overall health too. When you work out, your muscles use the sugar from your blood for energy. This helps in lowering your blood glucose levels. Mix aerobic workout with strength training and other activities that you may enjoy.

2. Shed those extra kilos

Overweight? If yes, then lose those additional pounds. This will help you stabilise your blood sugar levels. Even if you are prediabetic, shedding weight will reduce the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, cut back on your medicines, reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels, thus eliminating the risk of a number of health conditions such as cardio vascular diseases.

3. Check what you eat

You may dramatically control your blood sugar levels by limiting your intake of food that spikes blood sugar levels. For instance, you may cut down junk food and food items containing carbohydrates and start eating lean protein, vegetables, and fruits. Fibre rich food items are excellent in curbing blood sugar levels.

4. Limit your Alcohol intake

Alcohol increases your blood sugar levels immediately you have it; however, drops it later. So, the best way is not to over indulge. Drink moderate amounts of alcohol and always have some solid food with it.

5. Have Whey Protein

Whey protein is the best way to keep your blood sugar levels within normal range. Apart from controlling blood sugar levels, whey protein has incredible health benefits. Having at least two scoops of whey protein can dramatically increase your sugar absorption rate. You may buy whey protein from the market or make it at home. Whey protein is derived from dairy products. You can take yoghurt, put in a muslin cloth and leave it in a strainer overnight. The yellow liquid that collects into the strainer is whey protein and the solid material in the strainer is yoghurt cheese.

6. Add Cinnamon to your food

Cinnamon not only spices up your food and adds a distinct aroma and flavour, but it also helps in lowering your blood sugar levels.

7. Brew a cup of Green Tea

Green tea not only detoxifies your system and boosts your metabolism but also helps in weight management, thus, helping in reducing your blood sugar levels. So, ditch your regular latte and switch to green tea instead.

Ayurvedic Medicine for Sugar Control

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