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The two essentials of Covid-19

As the whole world is fighting with the ill-effects of Covid-19. we are doing what we can do best to keep this life-taking disease at bay.

What started as a common cold and flu with pneumonia like symptoms in the city of Wuhan, brought the entire world to its knees. Even countries with the most advanced and efficient health systems collapsed under the pressure of Covid-19.

Currently in India, the lockdown restrictions have been lifted, people have started going out.

The question is that, how long are we going to stay in our houses? It is not going to help in fighting with the disease. People need work to survive. Staying indoors is not going to provide the necessary requirements of individuals.

So, we at JMD Medico has come up with two new products to help everyone, to keep infections at a bay.

Instant hand sanitizer

Something that has been helpful in fighting in this pandemic is Sanitizer. So, JMD MEDICO has come up with Instant Hand Sanitizer which has the ability to kill 99.99% germs which is 100% herbal and prepared with top quality herbs like Neem, Tulsi, Tea tree oil. It is made with 68% Isopropyl Alcohol base with Glycerin that will keep hands soft and nourished. This is our first weapon for fighting this pandemic. JMD MEDICO’S Instant Hand Sanitizer is GEL based that helps in covering maximum hand area to keep one’s hand healthy, soft and germ free. It is available in three different sizes 50ml, 200ml and 500ml pack size. Benefits of multiple pack sizes is one can easily use as per their requirements.

Immuno Med – Immunity Booster

IMMUNO MED is Immunity Enhancer which helps in enhancing one’s immunity. In this current situation where everyone is trying to improve their immunity, we at JMD MEDICO has come up with the right fit product for everyone.

IMMUNO MED is made with the best quality herbs like Haldi, Amla Ghiloy, Aswagandha, mulethi, laung, flaxseed, Tulsi, South, mulethi, Dalchini and Kali mirch. It is filled with vitamins like Vitamine C, B12 etc. It also helps in healthy digestion and keeping one’s mind to relax and stress-free. It also helps in maintaining blood sugar levels. Each and every ingredient has its own and unique benefits and values.

JMD Medico’s IMMUNO MED is 100% herbal and has no side effects. It is completely safe and made under the supervision of the top herbal product developer. It is recommended to have 1 tablet twice daily to keep infections at a bay.

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