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What is the need for anti-pollution face cream?

As pollution is rising day by day, the need for anti-pollution face cream products is in demand. Presence of nano-particles in air is really harmful for everyone as these nano-particles get absorbed in the skin and harm them by causing faster ageing and other problems as well. City dwellers are finding it more tough to combat the ill effects of pollution as cities have more of that then rural areas. These products work by protecting the skin against these harmful toxins present in the air by either forming a barrier between the skin and the surroundings or by cleansing and absorbing these nano-particles from the skin. 

What is the need for pollution protection?

The call for beauty products that are anti-pollution has significantly increased as city dwellers around the world continue to battle poor air quality. The micro-particles present in the air have proven to age skin similar to exposure the sun, leading many people to look for products that can save them from such harmful effects.

Online researches for skincare products that are anti-pollution in nature has gone up in comparison to earlier times. This shows how much people are concerned about the bad effects of pollution on themselves. Premature aging is only one problem of pollution, others include dullness, inflammation, sensitized skin, clogged pores. These can therefore lead to acne, dark spots and other similar skin problems. Thus, we see that all your problems of skin are interrelated. Keeping a healthy and clean skin is very important.  

Pollution- indoor as well

As if outdoor pollution wasn’t enough, indoor pollution is also there to be concerned about. Indoor pollution comes from various sources, from cooking and heating to cleaning products that off-gas in the environment, all of which damage the health of your skin.

Two years back it was so tough to find anti-pollution skin care products, but now all the major brands have divulged themselves in this race. The demand for “defence” or “shield” for “city skin” reflects growing awareness and concerns about the impacts of pollution. Nano-particles are much smaller than the pores of the skin helping these particles to enter the epidermis thereby blocking the pores and not letting the skin breathe.  When the skin cannot breathe it causes inflammation which in turn results in dark spots and wrinkles.

Products that are marketed as anti-pollution work as a shield that forms a barrier for the skin and protects it similar to sunscreens. Other skincare products work by removing pollutants from the skin by cleansing. These can be cleansers, face masks, face washes and scrubs. Cleanser helps in removing all the harmful chemicals from the pores. Masks or beauty masks cleanse the skin at a deeper level than traditional masks. Scrubbing can be helpful in removing impurities from the skin by going deeper into layers. Face washes with minute particles are in demand as they remove black heads and white heads. Activated charcoal face packs and sheet masks have come in the limelight recently as charcoal is said to penetrate deeper layers of the epidermis and do its work. Even activated charcoal face washes and body scrubs have made their mark in dermatological industry by giving amazing results.

How can we select anti-pollution skincare products?

While anti-pollution face masks protect the skin from pollutants when they are applied the best product would be leave on products which can give your face longer protection as they continuously work as a barrier. These types of products will protect your body for longer duration and protect your skin from coming in contact with harmful chemicals in the first place.

You can also look for products with probiotics. These chemicals can help build up the skin’s natural defences and form a barrier against pollution related skin issues.  We see many companies emphasising on Vitamin C. Vitamin C is considered to be very effective in removing all dark spots and fine lines. Research has proven the benefits of vitamin C; hence you can use products with vitamin C in them.

Aloe vera a magical herb when it comes to skin and hair has shown its efficacy in several occasions. Anti-pollution face creams many a times have aloe vera in them. Sandalwood powder has been used for skin related problem for ages. Ayurveda is the strongest believer in the benefits of sandalwood. It keeps the skin cool and protects it from all harmful chemicals. Essential oils are gaining popularity in today’s times. These essential oils used in very small quantity can give some amazing results to the customer.

As pollution levels are increasing day by day the demand for these products is never ending and this demand is going to increase. But these products are not a permanent solution. We all need to fight pollution at our own level. Till this problem is not overcome we all are going to face severe circumstances as all of are seeing the effects of global warming, which is also an outcome of pollution.

Governments and commercial companies need to take strong steps to curb pollution.

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